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Religion A

"There is nothing in heaven or earth beyond the power of Allah ...  mighty is he and all knowing"   (Koran 35)

Allah is the Arabic name, the ‘Great Name’ for God. This is the same God as the God of the Christians or the God of Judaism.  Indeed since all three religions believe in only one God it must logically be the same.  In Islam Allah must not be represented by any image or any other physical form he can also not be associated with any other God for this would be committing the sin of shirk. Allah revealed himself to Muhammad and transmitted to him the Koran the holy book of Islam.

According to Islamic tradition Allah has 99 attributes or ‘Beautiful Names’ such as Al-Azim, The Great, Al-Fattah, The Opener and Al-Kabir, the Grand One. These are not different forms of God such as in the Christian Trinity for Allah is single and indivisible but rather they show that Allah encompasses all things good and great.