Historians agree that our world has been shaped more by accident and adversity than by destiny and design. Much of the modern world was not planned but simply evolved from what went before, and if evolution teaches us anything, it is that things survive because they survive, they don't have to be good or useful or helpful, they just have to be efficient at self-perpetuating. If we had known half a century ago the problems that traffic congestion would cause us now, we might have discouraged every homeowner from driving at least one car.  Similarly, in the post war years, had we realised the enormous health threat obesity would pose currently,

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we might have prioritised education about the dangers of junk food and fast-food sooner.

Sometimes we would just like an alternative to annoying or wasteful technology, expensive and intrusive medicine, stressful and unfulfilling lifestyles and the 'official version' of politics and society.