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Bach Flower Remedies

Not surprisingly, bach flower remedies were invented by Dr Edward Bach, who was a bacteriologist and physician, who later ran a successful homoeopathic practice in Harley Street until 1930.  In this year, at the age of 43, he gave up his Harley Street practice to spend more time investigating flower remedies.  He had always enjoyed long walks in the country and was struck by how revitalised and relaxed this made him feel.  During these walks he was drawn to particular plants and began to experiment with the dew taken off some of these.  He increased the original 12 remedies to a total of 38, which he believed covered every personality type, mental state and emotional condition.

Back flower remedies are commonly available and can be purchased in many high street chemists.  They are made by soaking flower petals in spring water to extract the vibrational essence of the plant.  This spring water is then added to an equal amount of brandy to preserve the essence.  This ‘mother tincture’ is then diluted many times in brandy to produce the remedy that one buys.  Some remedies require a more powerful extraction process, in which case the flower petals are boiled in water for half an hour before adding to brandy.

Back flower remedies are thought to work on an emotional and mental level, relieving obsessive thoughts and clearing emotional blockages.  So for instance, someone who dwells in the past and is unable to accept new situations would be prescribed Honeysuckle to help release this emotional and mental habit.  Impatiens would be used by people who are impatient and intolerant to help develop a more relaxed attitude.  The most well-known and most widely used remedy is the so-called ‘Rescue Remedy’ which has a number of ingredients, namely, Star of Bethlehem, Impatiens, Cherry, Plum, Clematis and Rock Rose.  It was developed for people in emotional crisis, whatever the cause, people who might feel shocked, panicky, out-of-control or emotionally numb.  About five drops of rescue remedy would be added to a glass of water and sipped slowly by the sufferer until a beneficial effect was achieved.