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The Illuminati

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The Illuminoids

The Illuminoids (1978) by Neal Wilgus is a somewhat dated but still relevant collection of various conspiracy theories and the role of illuminoids (or the Illuminati) in history. The book explains the role of the Illuminati tracing their development as a freemasonic type sect in 18th century Bavaria through their involvement in the French Revolution and various other notorious conspiracies. The book also considers the role of various alternative histories and secret societies as they played a role indeed from ancient times. Finally the book considers the role of conspiracy theories in America noting for example the role of illuminoids behind such secret organizations as the Round Table groups, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Bilderberg Club, the Trilateral Commission, as well as possible illuminoid involvement behind the Kennedy assassination. The book includes an introduction by Robert Anton Wilson co-author with Robert Shea of the science fiction trilogy _Illuminatus!_. Neal Wilgus explains the role of the illuminoids in history and concludes with several timelines tracing the history of secret societies from the dawn of man until the time of the writing of this book.

The book includes the following chapters -

Introduction by Robert Anton Wilson - outlines the role of the Bavarian Illuminati in history considers the role of conspiracy theory and introduces this book by Neal Wilgus. Wilson explains how skepticism is needed in conspiracy research but also notes that real conspiracies do occur and advocates a middle ground between the two relying on the researches of Charles Fort.

Preface - explains the influence of Daraul's work on secret societies and the novels of Robert Anton Wilson on the author noting the role of the "illuminoids" on history. The author also explains how various conspiracy theories of the right wing, especially those involving nefarious organizations such as the CFR and Bilderberg Club, are also found on the far left wing, leading the author to conclude that both far wings meet at conspiracy theories.

Part One.

Some Founding Fathers - explains the role of the illuminoids on history noting the definition found in the devil's dictionary for the illuminati. Explains that the Bavarian Illuminati were a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776 and considers the history of this society which allegedly fizzled out. The author explains that this society was freemasonic in nature and notes the role of freemasonry on the French and American revolutions. The author considers Weishaupt's involvement in New England explaining the Illuminati scare that occurred there and noting the role of such documents as those of Robison and Morse alleging an Illuminati conspiracy. Notes the role of the Illuminati on the founding of America explaining in an elaborate theory the belief that George Washington was influenced by masonry, mysticism, and the Illuminati. Considers an elaborate theory that Washington was in fact not the first president of the United States or that Washington was later replaced by Weishaupt as president of the United States. Explains the role of masonry on the Great Seal of the United States and notes the praise for the Illuminati in the writings of Thomas Jefferson.

A Rogue's Gallery - considers the "Illuminati-French Revolution" connection noting the role of the Mirabeau-Bode Affair and the Diamond Necklace Affair. Notes the role of the freemasons on the French Revolution and considers the role of the Duc d'Orleans an alleged illuminatus (especially in the writings of conspiracy theorist Nesta Webster). Explains the role of Cagliostro and the occult and notes the prominence of the Illuminati on the German Union. Considers the role of other shadowy figures on history including Karl Barhdt and the Comte de St. Germain.

Evolution of Revolution - explains the role of various figures on the revolutionary movements including occult figures such as Franz Mesmer and other well known figures such as the Marquis de Sade, the encyclopedists including Condillac and Diderot, Voltaire, Rousseau, Casanova, and even Thomas Paine and Godwin. Explains how the French Revolution culminated in a reign of terror.

The Illuminoids - considers the definition of the Illuminati presented by Ambrose Bierce in his _Devil's Dictionary_ explaining how he considered them to be a Spanish sect. Considers the role of various "mystery men" and secret societies on history (with possible links to the later Illuminati). Notes for example the role of such figures and cults as the Alumbrados, the Unknown Philosopher St. Martin, alchemy and the role of Raymond Llull, the role of the Kabbalah, the Cathars, and the Rosicrucians, the cult of the assassins in Arabia, the role of the "Nine Unknown" in the book _The Morning of the Magicians_ and in fictional novels, the role of Christ as "revolutionary", the role of various secret societies including the Golden Dawn and the Theosophical Society of Madame Blavatsky. The author then considers the role of the illuminoids on American politics including the duel between Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr, the assassination of Abraham Lincoln, the role of Andrew Jackson and the Anti-Masonic Party formed in America, and the role of the Know Nothings and the KKK in America. Finally, the author considers various conspiracy theories of the right wing including claims against "socialist international bankers" allegedly behind the Lincoln assassination, claims made about the involvement of Satanism in government, the role of the assassination that started World War I, and the belief that illuminoids were behind the financing of Hitler. The author considers claims made in the book _The Invisible Government_ regarding an elite cabal sponsoring the CFR and behind world events. The author also considers the role of several nefarious conspiracy theories involving LSD and the CIA as well as the role of brainwashing and other various conspiracy theories of a similar nature. The author notes the role of the illuminoids on Cecil Rhodes's Round Table groups and the influence of the theories of Carroll Quigley. The author explains the influence of the Rockefellers and the allegations made against them, as well as allegations made against various international bankers. The author notes the founding of the CFR by Edward Mandell House and his novel _Philip Dru_ which influenced him. Finally, the author considers various theories that the Democrat party was the party of war from World War II and Pearl Harbor to the Vietnam War. The author also notes the role of the CFR in influencing world events and foreign policy including war policy and various claims made against the United Nations by the right wing. The author considers the role of the Bilderberg Club and various allegations made against them by the right wing and groups such as the John Birch Society as well as the Trilateral Commission. The author maintains that the Illuminati gave birth to the Round Table Groups which gave birth to the CFR which gave birth to the Bilderberg Club which gave birth to the Trilateral Commission. The author notes the role of the Kennedy assassination and considers various theories that arose regarding this assassination. Finally the author considers the role of "illuminations" showing the progress of humanity from its earliest civilizations in the Near East to the Age of Enlightenment. The author provides a conspiratorial view of history and explains how humanity has come such a long way since its earliest days. The author then notes the future of humanity explaining how "immortality, intelligence-enhancement, and migration to the stars" may be achieved.

Part Two.

An Illuminated Chronology - provides a chronology from the late 1600s and early 1700s tracing the involvement of the Illuminati in the French and American revolutions to the late 1800s.

An Outline of Illuminated History - provides a detailed history of the human race from its earliest beginnings and earliest civilizations through history including the various religious sects, mystery schools, and secret societies that arose throughout history and into the medieval and modern worlds. Finally reaches the modern period and discusses various conspiracy theories of the modern era in the United States including those involving the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, and the various agencies of government. Concludes with the year 1977 and the role of assassination conspiracy theories during that year.

This book provides an interesting study of the role of the "illuminoids" and secret societies on human history. The author considers in particular the role of the Bavarian Illuminati and their influence on the French and American revolution. Further, the author considers the role of various secret societies throughout history and their revolutionary significance. Finally, the author considers the role of various modern day American conspiracy theories including those concerning the CFR and the Bilderberg Club and the JFK assassination. This book provides an interesting and detailed examination of "illuminated history" and the role of secret societies and conspiracy theories on history.