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A History of Secret Societies, by Arkon Daraul

Secret Societies H

It should be kept in mind by the reader of this book that the writer's real name is Idries Shah, who is rather better known for his Sufi books. His scholarship here is about as thorough as it is in his other works.

Secret Societies, throughout the ages, have existed wherever civilizations and people have existed. Living behind veils of shrouded secrecy, and remaining uknown to the very populaces which have furnished their existance, Shah provides the reader with research, as well as travels throughout Europe and the Middle East, from suburbia to the Himalayas, in search of answers.

"A History of Secret Societies" furnishes a worthy glance into a few rituals and beliefs of numerous societies. A correct reading of the entire book allows the individual to make connections throughout, whether it be a correlation between one ritual or another or one society or the other. Because the book seems to angle toward examining rituals and beliefs, as opposed to lenghty research capable of manifesting a new outlook, one getsthe impression that the true objective of these societies remains untold. A good 'spark-igniter' for this subject area.