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Excluded Middle

“Still wondering what ‘excluded middle’ means? Consider the language of computers--binary--meaning on or off. Real humans must learn to reject the dichotomous, Aristotelian thought of the last 2000 years as apocryphal, and reconsider it as the only way of reaching solutions. The political posturing prevalent in this country illustrates this only too well. We don't have to be milquetoasts just because we listen past our personal shells.

The Excluded Middle started as a magazine published by Gregory Bishop that tried to bridge the ground between the two standardized UFO theories: "They're alien spaceships!" and "They're hoaxes and hallucinations!" Excluded Middle has now developed to consider strange cases that look like neither aliens, jokers, nor psychos could have produced them, reports of things that suggest we need to enlarge our paradigm.

The title of the magazine seems to have come from one of the UMMO Letters, which says:

'We deny the earth principle of the Third Excluded Term (The Excluded Middle Enunciated By Aristotle) According to which propositions can only be true or false. The whole ontology of terrestrial thinkers is saturated with expressions like "to be," "I am not," "I exist," without any option for other forms of different content. Unless you yourselves clarify your forms of informative communication, the process of seeking the truth will be very laborious and slow.'


The Excluded Middle, P.O. Box, 481077, Los Angeles, CA 90048