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Thought L, M, N

Timothy Leary

Dr. Leary conducted extensive research on LSD and other psychedelics as a Harvard psychologist in the early 1960s, and always pointed out that among his subjects there were zero murders, zero suicides, and zero psychotic breaks. His convict rehabilitation project, using psychedelics, music, and mystic readings, rehabilitated more convicts than any similar experiment, almost exactly reversing the usual recidivism rate. Leary also claims that the CIA was behind his persecution; because they were trying to keep the brainchanging effects of LSD a secret .

When Dr. Leary got out of prison in 1974, he devoted himself to designing computer software and writing books on the trajectories of evolution, which he argued were leading us inevitably to more space, more intelligence, and more time—Space Migration, Intelligence Intensification, and Life Extension, or SMP LE in his typical abbreviation. Most of these ideas seem more practical and less Utopian 20 years later, but in the 1980s Leary decided they were further in the future than he had estimated and turned his attention more to the immediate possibilities of cyberspace and the cyberpunk philosophy of using computers to break down the authoritarian structure of our society.

When Dr. Leary learned he was dying of inoperable cancer in the 1990s, he hung a sign on his door saying THE MOTHER OF ALL PARTIES and invited friends from the sciences, arts, show biz, and especially the computer field to drop by and enjoy his celebration of the ecstatic possibilities of facing death without fear, a theme explored in his last book, Design for Dying. His last words were "Why? Why? Why?. .. Why not? Yeah!"

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