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Welcome to Alternalia, an investigation into alternative ways of understanding human nature. You
can use the site to find information about topics that are of current interest to yourself, but that is not all that can be gained.

This website serves a number of purposes (see
fuzzy logic). Although it appears to be an eclectic collection of information about alternative health and philosophies, with some humour thrown in, it is not just a random gathering of subjects.  If studied properly you will notice connections emerging between different topics some of which defy logical association. This site employs the scatter method of the Sufis, where information is so ordered that it bypasses the natural grasping tendencies of the unchecked intellect.  This is not some mere contrivance or psychological game, but a way of counteracting people's usual tendencies  to form conclusions without having all the facts.

Scattering the materials to be studied in different areas of a website, circumvents the intellect, which Gurdjieff called the formatory processes, and allows the information to be presented to other faculties. You can dip into this website as you feel, but as you cover more material from different sections you may be aware of certain themes emerging.  Do not try and make sense of these themes but rather allow the material to make its own sense.

If at some point an insight or direct understanding occurs, where you see a connection or pattern that you were not formally aware of, you can be more confident that this is genuine because that pattern has not been imposed by the intellect. As more connections emerge you may detect that these are part of a different ‘weltanschaung’ or worldview. One which aids comprehension of the big picture.

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