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Wilhelm Reich

Dr. Wilhelm Reich was condemned for unscientific claims by the Food and Drug Administration in 1956 because of his theories about sexual freedom and his discovery of an alleged "orgone" energy. He quickly became the most world-famous victim of the FDA's quest to impose One True Faith on medical practice in the United States, because the Feds not only destroyed all the equipment in Dr. Reich's experimental laboratory but burned all his books, too, in an incinerator, and then they put him in jail where he died of a heart attack.

Since many disapprove of this unconstitutional way of silencing heresy, Dr. Reich has remained a centre of controversy. Dr. James De Meo, who earned his own master's for experiments that confirmed certain of Reich's weather experiments, has a list of over 400 scientific papers, mostly by persons with M.D.'s or Ph.D.'s also confirming other Reich experiments (available from Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, RO. Box 1395, El Cerrito, CA 94530). .

Dr. De Meo was prevented from doing further Reichian research for his own Ph.D., so he wrote his dissertation on the history of desert formation, which also confirmed Dr. Reich without mentioning him.

In addition to his bio-physical heresies, Dr. Reich vastly offended many people by his sociological theory, which holds that fascism is just an exaggerated form of the basic structure of sex-negative societies and has existed under other names in every civilization based on sexual repression. In this theory, the character and muscular armor of the average citizen—a submissive and frightened attitude anchored in body reflexes—causes the average person to want a strong authority figure above them. Tyranny, in this model, is not created by tyrants alone but by neurotic masses who want tyrants.

Marburg University in Germany granted a Ph.D. a few years ago for a dissertation on Dr. Reich's orgone accumulator, which validated most of Reich's claims. (This is also available, in German, from Dr. De Meo at the above address.)


Dr. James De Meo— Address above

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